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Weather of the Day: Torrential rain


Sight of the Day: golden letterboxes

It stoops to conker

Sight of the Day: Fallen tree on main road

It stoops to conker

A street view

Sight of the Day: Google on the Go

A street view

[Update 28/09/13] And here’s what they saw

Thanks to Admin1 for fixing my camera


Weather of the Day: Storm

Shades of grey

Weather of the Day: Heavy shower

Shades of grey



Cloud of the Day: Stratus opacus


Cloud of the Day: Cirrostratus radiatus with a dazzling sundog

The Olympics start today and the sky may be in breach of the rules by its careless use of red blue green yellow and black elements, never mind the flaming torch symbolism.


Plant of the Day: Passion Flower


Cloud of the Evening: Cumulus, Cirrus and more iridescence

Every cloud has a red, blue and yellow lining


Cloud of the Day: Iridescence

Admin1 took this lovely picture of iridescent morning cirrus


Clouds of the Day: Cumulus plus cirrus

Still waiting for some decent sunshine


Critters of the Day: Snails

Our garden is overrun with billions of these bastards, eating everything in sight and breeding like crazy. They love the wet weather. But the iridescent slime is quite interesting.


Weather of the Day: Rain, then more rain

30mm of rain in one day, and less than 1kWh from the panels. What a dreadful summer.


Weather of the Day: Rain, then sun

Blue skies and afternoon sun refracted through raindrops


Cloud of the Day: Steam

Keighley and Worth Valley Railway


Critter of the Day: Nanofrog

Grown from the tadpoles of 12 May

A not-so-lonely little petunia in a Union patch

Flowers of the Day: Municipal display

A lonely little petunia in a union patch

Floating in the Aire

Cloud of the Day: Cumulus

Floating in the Aire