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Weather of the Day: Rain, then sun

Blue skies and afternoon sun refracted through raindrops


Cloud of the Day: Steam

Keighley and Worth Valley Railway


Critter of the Day: Nanofrog

Grown from the tadpoles of 12 May

A not-so-lonely little petunia in a Union patch

Flowers of the Day: Municipal display

A lonely little petunia in a union patch

Floating in the Aire

Cloud of the Day: Cumulus

Floating in the Aire


Crowd of the Day: Olympic Torch Relay

Hundreds of people gathered at the end of our street to celebrate Admin1′s birthday, though their view was somewhat spoilt by a procession of police cars, massive wagons filled with corporate cheerleaders for CocaCola, Samsung and LloydsTSB, and a woman in white holding aloft a massive lighter for Admin1′s birthday cake candles


Weather of the Day: Rain

Smiles on a summer day

Sky of the Day: Halo

Smiles on a summer day

See Atmospheric Optics for details.


Weather of the Day: Sunshine, briefly

A passing gap in the endless procession of rain clouds. Just when the solar panels should be pumping, they are dribbling


Critters of the Day: Bees


Sky of the Evening: Sunset


Sky of the Morning: Transit of Venus

Venus crosses the sun

Sadly we missed the last transit this century due to clouds, but here is a picture we took of the first one this century, in 2004.


Cloud of the Evening: Cumulus

Rained all day

Cloud of the Day: Nimbostratus

Rained all day


Cloud of the Day: Back to the Stratus


Cloud of the Day: Cumulus


Duckbill platypus in a wig

Cloud of the Day: Lenticularis

Duckbill platypus in a wig

With chimney and airship

Cloud of the Day: Cumulus fractus

With chimney and airship

Today was our hottest day since records began


Flower of the Day: Poppy