Happy New Year

December 2015 exceeded expectations in so many ways. It was our warmest, darkest and wettest December since our records began. Not just us either. Thx Desmond, Eva and Frank.

The solar panel summary for 2015 is available. TL;DR: Best year yet.


Weather of the Day: Overcast

Our least sunny August day ever recorded, with constant heavy clouds, rain and drizzle. Sorry twins. But it was so calm, the canal was like a mirror.
We watched The Blinded Man again.


Happy Vaisakhi


Cloud of the Day: Fumulus

Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. And for power without smoke, a roadside wind farm


Ferry cross the Mufupanda

A Ford fording to the camp (there’s no road)

Lots to see when you get there. Here’s an ibis wearing lipstick and a glittery coat