RIP Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela came to Leeds about 13 years ago. He stood in front of the enormous welcoming crowd, smiled and said “Hello Liverpool!”. Boo!

FoLKM’s Deputation Speech to Leeds City Council


Plant of the Day: Elm

With seeds like this, there should be elm trees everywhere


Crowd of the Day: May Day march

We are watching The Protectors, a Danish bodyguard drama serial.


…and a Happy New Year

Oooooh! aaaaah!


Merry Xmas Everybody…

Some people just go too far


Sight of the Day: golden letterboxes

It stoops to conker

Sight of the Day: Fallen tree on main road

It stoops to conker

A street view

Sight of the Day: Google on the Go

A street view

[Update 28/09/13] And here’s what they saw

Thanks to Admin1 for fixing my camera


Cloud of the Day: Steam

Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

A not-so-lonely little petunia in a Union patch

Flowers of the Day: Municipal display

A lonely little petunia in a union patch