It stoops to conker

Sight of the Day: Fallen tree on main road

It stoops to conker

A street view

Sight of the Day: Google on the Go

A street view

[Update 28/09/13] And here’s what they saw

Thanks to Admin1 for fixing my camera


Cloud of the Day: Steam

Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

A not-so-lonely little petunia in a Union patch

Flowers of the Day: Municipal display

A lonely little petunia in a union patch


Crowd of the Day: Olympic Torch Relay

Hundreds of people gathered at the end of our street to celebrate Admin1′s birthday, though their view was somewhat spoilt by a procession of police cars, massive wagons filled with corporate cheerleaders for CocaCola, Samsung and LloydsTSB, and a woman in white holding aloft a massive lighter for Admin1′s birthday cake candles

Kirkgate Market Newsletter

Read all about it!

Stratus domesticus

Cloud of the Day: Smoke

Stratus domesticus


Test post.