You’re having a giraffe!


Critter of the Day: Squirrel

A spring-like day brought three squirrels out, chasing each other in the trees.


Critters of the Day: Snails

Our garden is overrun with billions of these bastards, eating everything in sight and breeding like crazy. They love the wet weather. But the iridescent slime is quite interesting.


Critter of the Day: Nanofrog

Grown from the tadpoles of 12 May


Critters of the Day: Bees


Critter of the Day: Squirrel in the mist

Today Admin1 climbed on the roof and washed all the dust, pollen and birdshit off the solar panels. Result: best day ever (watts-wise)!

You look nice; what's your name?

Critters of the Day: Tadpoles

You look nice; what's your name?

Our pond has been abandoned since we accidentally broke the lining trying to clean it out, but the frogs don’t know that and return every year to spawn in the pint or so of water in the bottom. But lately it has rained so much that the pond has filled up regardless and the frogspawn has brought forth a mass of tadpoles