solar panels

I’m in Love and It’s a Sunny Day

Clear blue skies after a cloudy start and >12kWh.
Admins1 & 2 have been married for 18 glorious years.
We are watching Better Call Saul (thx Dave) and drinking cold brewed coffee.

Cloud of the Day: Flying saucer

This alien craft rolled in shortly after a cloud shaped like Donald Trump’s head, which had gone before we had time to photograph it (unlike the real DT alas).
This year we have already had more sun than in the whole of last year: 1,405.416kWh.

Run of the Year

The 28 days from 18 June to 15 July gave us our best ever run on the solar panels (including our best ever single day), and we came very close to the mythical 300kWh.