Lucky Thirteen

The solar panels made over 13kWh today, for the first time this year and only the fourth time ever. By a strange coincidence one of the other 13kWh days was exactly 2 years ago.


Cloud of the Day: Cumulonimbus capillatus

A cloud with a bad hair day, dumping rain and hail all over the place.


Black and Blue (and iridescence too)

Darkness and light unite and fight


A Black Day

Dark clouds and heavy rain;
Bloody tories win again.


Cloud of the Day: Lenticularis

Flying saucers have landed.
We watched Twister which was fun, even if it didn’t exactly blow us away.


Lovely Weather for Frogs

We have had more rain in the first few days of May than we had in the whole of April.
We watched Interstellar, which was a murmuration of cosmic larks.