Weather of the Day: Rain at Last!

Our last day in Lusaka and the first rain of the season arrived with a magnificent electrical storm.



Clouds of the Day: Lower Zambezi sunsets


Full Moon Rising


Clouds of the Day: Cumulus, Pannus, Crepuscular Rays and NACREOUS!

First nacreous clouds we’ve seen since 1996 and an unexpected surprise at the start of our game drive.
Here’s a closer view of a nacreous bit.

Critter of the day: Elephant

This big njobvu was another surprise on our game drive. It looked rather cross so we didn’t try to get close.

And another surprise was a huge herd of kudu running away

An impeccably groomed warthog


Cloud of the Day: Nimbostratus

Rain without a bow.
We are watching series 5 of Breaking Bad.


Waiting for the rain

Our solar panels have now caught as much sun as they did in the whole of 2012, 17 days ahead of reaching the same point in 2013. And we have finished watching season 4 of Breaking Bad after many setbacks.