Sky of the Evening: Stratocumulus

Flaming September!


Weather of the Day: Sunshine

Sunbeams shining through the trees

What a lovely day for a carnival


Cloud of the Day: Cumulonimbus

Another storm gathering.


Sight of the Night: Lightning

A mild and sunny day followed by a wild and stormy night, with over 12mm of rain in less than an hour. Admin1′s attempts to photograph the lightning were enlivened by a visit by a posse of cops alerted by neighbours who had seen the open door in the darkened house and suspected a burglary.


Sight of the Night: Lightning

Distant electrical storm which we struggled to photograph. Lots of lightning but no thunder.
We watched Cloud Atlas which had plenty of laughter and tears and fighting, but not many clouds.


Cloud of the Day: Cumulus humilis

A lovely day at the seaside but dismal weather back home. Even so, we had our best solar panels month ever; almost 260kWh


Cloud of the Day: Cumulus congestus

Another rainy sunny windy stormy thundery day