The Thrown Away World

Admin1 gave Admin2 this blender as a present but we like lumpy soup so we haven’t used it for yonks and now it is all corroded. Goodbye blender xxx

These are Admin2′s travelling trousers. They have pockets with pockets with zips inside so you can stuff them with foreign dosh, but admin2 has found some other keks in a bag of stuff that actually claim to be travel trousers, have pocket zips and are also brand new. Hope they are something we bought in a charity shop and not accidentally left behind by a tall visitor because Admin2 has cut off the hems. Ta-ta trousers xxx

We have more gooseberries than we can bring ourselves to pick considering how thorny they are and how painful the picking, so this one is for the chop (alas, there are others). Good riddance gooseberries; we have two large and filling crumbles to remember you by.

These odd socks have been on the shelf for years, waiting for their other halves to turn up. But they never did. Tuff luck socks.

Here’s the poor old broken door, temporarily covering the fishpond on Bonfire Night and no doubt soon due for the bonfire itself.

And here are some quality magazines which I will never read again.