Evening Glow

Red sky at night, Scott Hall’s alight. Red sky in the morning, Seacroft’s burning. Oh no, only joking!
We watched the Leeds Short Films Audience Awards; a very difficult choice, but finally Admin1 voted for Afternoon Class, and Admin2 went for Slaves of the Rave.

Slaves of the Rave from William Garratt on Vimeo.

13 Nov: The winner was this, rather puzzlingly to us at least (not that it was bad by any means, but other films had more imagination and interest):

THE REINVENTION OF NORMAL from Liam Saint-Pierre on Vimeo.

It was our warmest November night since our records began. Admin1 is rewatching Mammon.


More Fog

Breeze blows leaves of a musty-coloured yellow. Yes, yes, yes, it’s my autumn almanac.


October Symphony

A foggy morning trip to the lake to look for autumn colour. Better than the last time we tried.
We watched Blade Runner.


Broken Mirror

A defunct wingmirror on the road gives a view of red leaves against blue sky.