Weather of the Day: Frost

Glace grass


Weather of the Day: Sunny

Best day for the solar panels so far this year


Weather of the Day: Snow

Check my crampons!


Cloud of the Day: Stratus

This unexpected observation wheel popped up overnight


Dish of the Day: Zombie brain with boils

Yum cauliflower cheese


Cloud of the Day: Cirrus uncinus

Contrail shadow


Cloud of the Day: Contrail

A flaming spear pointed at the sun


Critter of the Day: Squirrel

A spring-like day brought three squirrels out, chasing each other in the trees.





Cloud of the Day: Cirrocumulus lacunosus

A rare and fleeting fried-egg formation

Phenomenom of the Day: Vibrating phone wire

There have been occasional reports of a lone icy cable incomprehensibly oscillating on a snowy day. Admin1 observed one such from the roof at his work, and yesterday we saw the same thing outside our house. Despite all the strobing on the video, only one cable is wobbling: the second one from the top. It trembled for at least twelve hours and only stopped when the snow melted. It is anchored to the same building as the static one above, about 30cm lower down, and does not pass over any heat sources. There was no wind, and the birds singing in the background were not sitting on it.

The videos offered at the end share the honour of being derived from a file called MVI5177…


Weather of the Day: Sunny side up

Sunrise on a misty, snowy morning. The small dot is a bird, not a sunspot.


Weather of the Day: Heavier snow

Walking in a winter wonderland the cemetery