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Leeds 5-day Met Office forecast

16th Nov

7°C  22%
NNE, 9+25mph

8°C  43%
NNE, 9+20mph

8°C  51%
N, 7+16mph

8°C  15%
N, 7+13mph

9°C  13%
NNW, 4+11mph

9°C  16%
NNW, 4+11mph

8°C  13%
NNW, 4+11mph

8°C  13%
NNW, 4+9mph
17th Nov

7°C  15%
NNW, 2+7mph

7°C  13%
N, 4+9mph

7°C  13%
N, 4+9mph

7°C  14%
N, 4+9mph

8°C  8%
N, 7+13mph

8°C  10%
N, 9+16mph

7°C  12%
N, 9+18mph

6°C  6%
NNW, 9+18mph
18th Nov

6°C  2%
NNW, 9+18mph

5°C  5%
NNW, 9+18mph

4°C  2%
NNW, 9+18mph

3°C  1%
NW, 9+16mph

6°C  1%
NW, 9+18mph

5°C  2%
NW, 7+13mph

2°C  2%
WNW, 4+11mph

1°C  2%
WNW, 4+9mph
19th Nov

0°C  2%
W, 4+9mph

-1°C  2%
W, 4+7mph

-1°C  3%
SSW, 4+7mph

1°C  4%
SSW, 7+11mph

4°C  4%
S, 7+13mph

4°C  8%
SE, 7+13mph

4°C  13%
SE, 9+16mph

4°C  22%
SE, 7+16mph
20th Nov

5°C  13%
SE, 9+16mph

6°C  14%
SSE, 9+18mph

6°C  19%
SE, 9+18mph

6°C  11%
SE, 11+20mph

6°C  10%
SE, 11+20mph

7°C  9%
ESE, 9+18mph

6°C  11%
ESE, 9+18mph

5°C  11%
ESE, 9+18mph

Met Office forecast issued at 23:00 Fri 15th Nov. All times UTC.

Yorkshire and Humber regional forecast

Headline: Rather windy, feeling cold with outbreaks of rain overnight.

This Evening and Tonight: Breezy with scattered showers slowly dying away this evening, then overnight more general cloud and outbreaks of rain are expected to develop from the east. Remaining rather windy, although these easing a little towards daybreak. Minimum Temperature 4C.

Saturday: Saturday is expected to stay largely cloudy with further rain at times, along with a chilly north or northeasterly breeze. Maximum Temperature 9C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: Sunday, cloudy with further rain or showers. Brighter Monday with brisk coastal winds. Frosty start on Tuesday, though largely dry and bright. Winds increasing later, with patchy rain overnight. Cold.


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Data courtesy of the Met Office DataPoint service.
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