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Leeds 5-day Met Office forecast

10th Jul

11°C  10%
WNW, 9+16mph

14°C  8%
WNW, 9+11mph

15°C  63%
NW, 7+11mph

14°C  76%
NW, 7+11mph

15°C  10%
WNW, 7+13mph

14°C  2%
W, 7+16mph
11th Jul

11°C  0%
WNW, 7+18mph

10°C  0%
WNW, 7+18mph

11°C  0%
WNW, 9+16mph

15°C  5%
WNW, 9+18mph

17°C  4%
WNW, 11+20mph

18°C  4%
WNW, 11+18mph

17°C  0%
WNW, 11+20mph

14°C  0%
WNW, 7+16mph
12th Jul

11°C  0%
WNW, 4+11mph

10°C  0%
W, 4+9mph

11°C  1%
W, 2+9mph

16°C  4%
WSW, 4+11mph

19°C  4%
WSW, 7+13mph

20°C  3%
WSW, 7+16mph

19°C  0%
W, 7+11mph

15°C  0%
W, 4+9mph
13th Jul

13°C  3%
WSW, 4+7mph

12°C  1%
SW, 4+9mph

14°C  3%
SW, 7+11mph

16°C  8%
SW, 9+18mph

18°C  10%
WSW, 11+22mph

18°C  18%
WSW, 13+25mph

17°C  7%
WSW, 11+22mph

15°C  9%
WSW, 7+13mph
14th Jul

14°C  7%
WSW, 7+11mph

14°C  7%
WSW, 4+9mph

15°C  8%
WSW, 7+11mph

17°C  5%
W, 9+18mph

18°C  8%
W, 11+22mph

17°C  9%
W, 11+22mph

16°C  6%
W, 11+20mph

14°C  9%
W, 7+13mph

Met Office forecast issued at 09:00 Fri 10th Jul. All times UTC.

Yorkshire and Humber regional forecast

Headline: Some morning rain clearing to afternoon showers with some sunshine.

Today: A cloudy start for most with some showery rain, perhaps heavy. Turning brighter, with some sunny spells developing by the afternoon, but further showers are likely, probably heavy and thundery. Winds remaining mostly light. Maximum Temperature 17C.

Tonight: Showers continuing for a time in the evening before dying out by around midnight. Long clear spells will allow temperatures to fall lower than previous nights. Light winds. Minimum Temperature 6C.

Saturday: Saturday will be a fine day with plenty of sunshine to start the day. Some cloud developing for the middle of the day, but staying bright. Feeling warm by afternoon. Maximum Temperature 19C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: Sunday will be another fine day before clouding over with some light rain arriving through Monday. Tuesday drier with some brightness but there's a chance of light, afternoon showers.


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Data courtesy of the Met Office DataPoint service.
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